Pricing Mechanism

In YFX V3, we introduced a mechanism for comparing on-chain oracle prices with ChainLink to prevent failures with our Oracle. In the product design of YFX V4, we have made further optimizations by introducing real-time prices from two leading oracle products in the market, ChainLink and PYTH, as the index price for YFX, ensuring the fairness and openness of the index price.

We have adopted ChainLink's DataStream and Automation to execute market orders and judge whether limit orders, take-profit, stop-loss, and forced liquidation are triggered.

PYTH solution

We accept real-time prices published by PYTH and use PYTH's official contract to verify signatures. PYTH Price Feeds

Through collaboration with ChainLink and PYTH, YFX has thoroughly resolved the issue of the openness and fairness of index prices, making trading more equitable. Anyone can verify that YFX's index price sources are from ChainLink or PYTH.

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