YFX will initiate its first mining event after migrating to Arbitrum, including YFX Staking, Position Mining, LP Mining, Trade Mining, Invite Mining, etc.

Under this incentive system, participants of the entire platform, including Traders, Makers, and Inviters, will all receive appropriate incentives.

YFX Mining:

Holding YFX tokens allows participation in YFX mining

YFX Pool:

Users stake YFX to earn a share of the WETH transaction fees generated, iYFX, and MP (Multiplier Points). Upon staking YFX tokens, users receive an equivalent amount of sbfYFX tokens as proof of staking.

iYFX represents the immature token within the mining system. Users can deposit iYFX into the iYFX pool for secondary staking to earn more WETH transaction fee shares, iYFX tokens, and MP. Since YFX tokens and iYFX tokens have the same rights, staking iYFX tokens also grants sbfYFX tokens.

MP (Multiplier Point): The longer the staking period, the more MPs are earned, which can be used to accelerate mining. MPs are reset to zero when the staked YFX or iYFX tokens are withdrawn.

In YFX staking mining, converting iYFX into YFX tokens involves depositing both iYFX and sbfYFX tokens into the iYFX Vesting pool, after which unlocked YFX tokens can be obtained after a certain period.

Position Mining (Phase One)

Holding positions in any trading pair is considered participation in position mining, and participants will earn YFX tokens.

The release mechanism for YFX tokens obtained through position mining involves active unlocking. When users claim their earned YFX tokens, they can choose an unlocking period. Early unlocking will result in the burning of a certain percentage of YFX tokens. The relationship between the unlocking period and the release quantity ratio is as follows:

Lock duration

Withdraw Amount

Burn Amount

21 Days



14 Days



7 Days



No Lock



Liquidity Mining

When users add liquidity to a liquidity pool, they automatically participate in liquidity mining. Depending on the liquidity pool and the type of assets deposited, the rewards include YFX, iYFX, and a share of WETH transaction fees. Upon adding liquidity, users receive sfLP as proof of liquidity.

In the process of liquidity mining, converting iYFX into YFX tokens involves depositing both iYFX tokens and sfLP into the corresponding iYFX Vesting pool. After a certain period, unlocked YFX tokens will be obtained.

Pool 2 Mining

When users adds liquidity in ETH/YFX pairs on Uniswap, they can stake their Uniswap LP NFT to Pool 2 Mining in YFX to earn more YFX tokens. The APR of Pool 2 Mining is always higher than other pools.


Users can perform a one-click reinvestment by clicking the "Compound" button, allowing them to claim all earned YFX and iYFX for secondary staking, and to collect their share of WETH dividends.

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