YFX Token

Introduced on May 2021

YFX token is the platform's utility and governance token. Holding the token unlocks a variety of benefits, including 30% of the platform's transaction fees.

Learn more about YFX token: https://yfx.com/coins-en.html.

YFX holders can earn platform-generated fees and vote on community proposals when V4 is released.

YFX V3 and V4 will be released on the Arbitrum blockchain. After V3 is released, YFX will stop supporting YFX services on BSC, Heco, xDai, and Tron. Users should move their funds from these chains to Arbitrum using YFX Cross-chain Bridge.

YFX Token New Features:

YFX Token: The platform's utility and governance token. Users can stake YFX to earn 30% of the platform's transaction fees.

IYFX Token (Immaturate YFX): Users can stake IYFX to earn rewards similar to regular YFX tokens, and users can vest IYFX to become actual YFX tokens over a period of one year. Note that users cannot transfer or trade their IYFX tokens.

YFX Token Contract Addresses

ETH 0xf55a93b613d172b86c2ba3981a849dae2aecde2f

Heco 0xf55a93b613d172b86c2ba3981a849dae2aecde2f

BSC 0xf55a93b613d172b86c2ba3981a849dae2aecde2f


Arbitrum 0x569deb225441FD18BdE18aED53E2EC7Eb4e10D93

OKExChain 0x5415dcc6281d64a946f84686a56e51330fb6d92a

Initial Distribution


Fee Distribution

All fees generated in YFX are distributed to the community. ChainLink, Signer, and other fees are paid weekly. Buybacks and burns are executed periodically. The remaining fees are converted to ETH and distributed to the community through mining.

Burn History

MutiSignature Addresses

YFX token has multi-signature addresses with mint authority and adopts a 3/5 multi-signature scheme:

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