Position Modes

For position modes, YFX V4 supports both one-way mode and hedge mode, whick can be swithed in the order panel.

One-way mode

In one-way mode, traders can only hold a long or a short position for any trading pair. Positions in different directions will be merged. If the new trade is in the same direction as the original position, the position size will increase; if the new trade is in the opposite direction, the position size will decrease.

In one-way mode, the order types can only be "Long" or "Short."

In the one direction mode, due to issues with the execution order on the blockchain, there is currently no limit price liquidation function available, only market price liquidation.

Hedge mode

In hedge mode, traders can simultaneously hold long and short positions for any trading pair. To open a position or add margin to an existing position in hedge mode, go to the "Order Panel." To close a position, click "Close" under the "Position Tab."

In hedge mode, margins are not shared between long and short positions. If the margin of a long/short position falls below the Maintenance Margin level, the long/short position is liquidated without affecting the other position.

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