Why Choose YFX?

YFX began to develop the decentralized perpetual contract protocol in June 2020 and has been iterated to the third version. Many designs of the YFX perpetual contract have been widely referenced and used by other DeFi protocols.

High Security

YFX smart contracts are open source and have passed the audits of many security agencies. There has been no security breach over the years. Users have full control over their funds and can redeem them from the smart contract anytime.

Better Trading Experience

YFX offers up to 100x leverage for linear, inverse, and quanto perpetual contracts and accepts BTC, ETH, USDT, USDC, and other cryptocurrencies as margin, supports new features like limit orders, take-profit & stop-loss orders, and funding fees, and has an easy-to-navigate trading interface suited for new and professional traders alike.

Easy to Use

There is no need to register and log in. No KYC is required. You can start trading perpetual contracts after connecting your crypto wallet to YFX.

High Liquidity

YFX uses the LPB-AMM model, which optimizes the liquidity on the exchange. You can enter and exit positions with minimal spread and zero price impact.

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