Roadmap Update

The YFX project started in June 2020, and the V1 app was successfully deployed on Tron mainnet in January 2021.




  • Developed more functions such as funding fees, limit orders, stop-loss & take-profit orders, net position, etc., in V2

  • June - V2 Certik Audit was complete

  • July - V2 was launched and deployed on Heco


  • April - V2 was deployed on zkSync

  • May - The system was upgraded, and V3 was launched on the Aritrum Goerli test network for public testing. YFX Cross-chain Bridge was launched.

  • June - V3 Certik Audit will be complete. YFX will be launched and deployed on Arbitrum


  • January - YFX V4 Develop

  • March - YFX V4 Audit

  • April- YFX V4 Launch

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