A Complete Guide on YFX Testnet

We are happy to announce that the YFX V3 testnet is about to go live. All are welcome to experiment with YFX decentralized perpetual trading and give valuable feedback in the community.
The YFX V3 testnet will go live on Arbitrum Goerli Testnet (ChainID: 421613) on May 10, 2023. The testnet will be open for approximately one month. Follow our announcement to learn about the exact end time.
All users' assets are safe no matter what contracts they call on the testnet, as the YFX V3 testnet only uses test cryptocurrency, which has no real-world value. The YFX team will continue to improve the product base on feedback.
Enter the YFX V3 Testnet via the following links:
YFX V3 Trading Interface: https://app.yfx.com/
YFX Official Site: https://www.yfx.com/
View the subpages for step-by-step guides on how to use the YFX V3 Testnet.
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